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Minutes and Resolutions are a crucial record of running a business because they are required to maintain transparency, accountability, and good corporate governance within UK companies.

They provide an official record of decision-making, help resolve disputes, and serve as evidence of compliance with legal requirements. Having a qualified corporate law solicitor present to take minutes and resolutions ensures compliance from the start.

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Minutes & Resolutions FAQs

Are Minutes and Resolutions legally binding?

Yes, Minutes and Resolutions are legally binding.

What are board minutes?

Board minutes are a written record of the proceedings of a board meeting. They are important for legal and compliance purposes.

What should be included in board minutes?

Board minutes should include the date and time of the meeting, the names of those present, the items discussed, any decisions made, and any actions to be taken.

Who should keep board minutes?

The company secretary is usually responsible for keeping board minutes, but it can also be delegated to another member of the board.

Do board minutes need to be signed?

There is no legal requirement for board minutes to be signed, but it is good practice to do so to confirm their accuracy.

What are board resolutions?

Board resolutions are decisions made by the board of directors. They are usually recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

What is a written resolution?

A written resolution is a way for the board of directors to make decisions outside of a meeting. It must be signed by all directors.

Can board resolutions be overturned?

Board resolutions can be overturned by a subsequent board resolution or by a shareholder vote.

What is a unanimous resolution?

A unanimous resolution is a decision that is agreed to by all directors without the need for a meeting.

Do resolutions need to be filed with Companies House?

Not all resolutions need to be filed with Companies House, but some, such as special resolutions, do.

Can board resolutions be challenged in court?

Board resolutions can be challenged in court if they are illegal or in breach of the company’s articles of association. It is important to seek legal advice in such cases.

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