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As experienced Business Law solicitors, we have seen many situations and helped many businesses in creating Shareholder Agreements.

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We see a lot of situations where costly problems arise due to the lack of a Shareholders’ Agreement, which is why we advocate that every company should have one.

Shareholders Agreements are a great way of clearly stating what the shareholders of a company can expect with the purpose of making sure that it is clear to both the business and the shareholder what both parties get out of the relationship in as much detail as is appropriate.

We advise that all businesses with existing shareholders or who are considering investment from a new shareholder make a Shareholders Agreement a priority to protect both parties in the transaction.

Working with an experienced Corporate Law Firm ensures you’ll get the right legal advice and support from the onset.

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Shareholders Agreement FAQs

What is a Shareholders Agreement?

A Shareholders Agreement is an arrangement that sets out a shareholder’s rights and obligations as well as the way that a business should be ran. The purpose is figuring out the best way for a business to decide on what privileges and protection the shareholders should have.

Why get a Shareholders Agreement?

Shareholders Agreements are important because they help the business run smoothly through setting out specific pre-made decisions that cannot be disputed. This helps to make sure that everybody is on the same page and pulling in the same direction. The specific benefits are:
• Protecting the relationship between shareholders and the company
• Protection of minority shareholders
• Protecting the relationship between shareholders
• Business Stability
• Flexibility

Do I need a Shareholders Agreement?

No, Shareholders Agreements are not compulsory. Although, they are recommended to avoid shareholder disagreements as they outline a common ground between all shareholders in writing that cannot be disputed.

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