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Succession planning is a crucial part of owning a business to protect the owner’s value. It’s important to get it right when making these decisions and how you make a plan – our solicitors can help with that.

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The only way to be sure that the succession of your company will go the way you want, is to take the relevant measures in preparation for your exit, retirement, or should something happen to you, our team of experienced Business Law Solicitors can help you do that.

Every business owner should consider Succession Planning as part of their business continuity plan to secure the jobs of their employees and the financial security of their dependants. Although its never a pleasant topic to consider the situation where you have been incapacitated or died, it is necessary to have a plan.

Our Business Law Solicitors can help you come up with the best way of you achieving an exit or securing the future of your business should the worst happen and ensure that the legal precautions are taken to ensure your wishes are upheld.

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Business Succession FAQs

What is Succession Planning?

Succession planning is when a business owner takes precautions to ensure that their business continues to operate the way that they would like should something happen to them where they can’t make decisions themselves.

Whare are the most common methods of Succession Planning?

The two most common ways of putting your decisions in writing are: Business Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills. This way you’re covered for eventualities where you either lose capacity and are unable to make decisions surrounding your business or pass away.

How do I decide on the Succession of my Business?

The reason succession planning is so crucial is because usually there are people dependant on your business’ success. These will be people like employees and your dependants who need to have their future secure should anything happen to you. This means that any decision regarding the succession of you business must be done with care.

Usually the business owner will have an idea of someone they would like to take over the business from them or a direction they would like the business to take when they aren’t able to manage the business.

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