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Disputes are a regrettable fact of business and nowhere is this more the case than in the world of media and entertainment.

Faced with a plethora of complicated contracts, intellectual property rights, TV format disputes, and numerous regulations, the risks of contractual disputes and infringement of rights are common. Thirty years’ experience in dispute resolution across a wide variety of situations has made us adept at providing pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to these problems.

We strive to find a quick and effective balance between cost exposure, compensation, conciliation, negotiation, and preserving business relationships. Our extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration allows us to view litigation as a final resort considered after, or alongside, other solutions. If court proceedings do arise, our reputation management and media expertise uniquely equips us to guide you through any publicity that follows to ensure the most favourable outcome.

We appreciate the substantial costs involved in litigation and will always endeavour to find the best solution to mitigate this exposure while providing the best service to you. Where appropriate, we may be prepared to take on some of the risk ourselves by adopting a conditional fee agreement, or a damages-based agreement. We may also be able to assist you in finding litigation funding and/or after the event (ATE) insurance that can help to protect against adverse cost risks.

Our Practice Areas

Breach of contract and commercial dispute resolution
Intellectual Property Law
TV Format disputes
Mediation and Arbitration
Regulatory Complaints

Breach of contract and commercial dispute resolution

Contracts and agreements are the bedrock of a commercial relationship, and problems in a business can lead to a commercial dispute. We have substantial expertise and understanding of the wider issues that can develop in any commercial dispute, including breaches of contract, breach of regulations, and disputes over matters of corporate law. Failure to resolve these issues in good time can endanger critical relationships as well as the health of a business. Whether for an individual or a business client, we will analyse the evidence to support your case and work to resolve the dispute in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. It is often best to try to avoid litigation, or ever going to court. Our expertise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution means we can often settle matters without having to issue court proceedings.

Intellectual Property Law (copyright, trademarks, and passing off)

The goodwill in a recognisable brand is often the most valuable asset a business can own. Whether helping to protect you from infringement of your intellectual property, or to defend you from accusations of the same, as longstanding practitioners in this sector we achieve the best outcome for you. We are very familiar with procedures within the intellectual property office, the intellectual property courts, and the commercial courts. We have worked with national and international content creators on matters including trademark infringement, disputes and passing off; copyright infringement of TV formats and of musical works, literary works, dramatic works; and domain name disputes.

TV Format disputes

A successful game or reality show is one of the most lucrative assets a network or producer can have at their disposal. One need only look at a Big Brother or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to see that many of the most successful concepts for a show have been sold and replicated to great effect worldwide. What, however, of the people who first conceived of the format for these programmes? If you think that someone has taken your original concept for a programme without just compensation and recognition, we can help. We have successfully pursued claims for infringement of TV show formats, including for Brian Belo in respect of TOWIE, and have considerable expertise in this field.

Mediation and Arbitration

We always strive to find a quick and effective balance between cost exposure, compensation, conciliation, negotiation, and preserving business relationships. Litigation should not be the end goal, but a final resort considered after exhausting other solutions; we are a results-based operation, and clients rarely want protracted and expensive court cases. We have experience in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. If court proceedings do develop, this may come with a certain degree of publicity. Our reputation management expertise uniquely equips us to guide you through this situation with your profile intact.

Regulatory Complaints

Over our decades of serving clients from within the fields of business, politics, media and entertainment, we have developed a nuanced understanding of the potential pitfalls that businesses and individuals face working in such heavily regulated industries. We can assist you in either pursuing, defending, or managing the potential risk of a complaint for compliance, and have worked on matters affected by various regulations and regulatory bodies, including OFCOM, IPSO, BBC Producers Guidelines, sports regulators, campaign regulation, parliamentary statutes, and the ministerial code.

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