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Whether you’re a franchisor or franchisee, it is equally important to get the terms of your Franchise Agreement right. Both parties need to be on the same page with their understanding of their commitments and responsibilities, as well as their expectations of each other. Friction arising from misunderstandings could be detrimental to both businesses.

Our expert Business Law Solicitors have experience in helping business on both sides of the equation with their Franchise Agreements and are ready to help.

Franchising is an exciting prospect for a lot of businesses and a popular means of expanding or becoming involved in a defined business model.

The Franchise Agreements which sets out this relationship will be crucial to the success both parties may see as a result of the venture. Our expert business lawyers can help ensure that the agreement correctly reflects the agreed terms and that you understand its implications.

Get the best franchise agreements seamlessly with our expert Commercial Contracts Solicitors, contact us today.

What Franchise Agreement Related Services do we provide?

  • Advising on concept and structure
  • Drafting Franchise Agreement and Franchise Packs
  • Onboarding Franchisees
  • Sales and Purchases of Franchise businesses

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Franchise Agreement FAQs

What are Franchise Agreements?

A Franchise Agreement is a document between a franchisor and franchisee that outlines the legal terms and details of their relationship. The UK doesn’t have any specific franchising laws, as a result, the relationship is instead governed by the legal terms set out in the Franchise Agreement.

Why are Franchise Agreements Important?

Franchise Agreements are important because:

● They are a huge part of how a franchise business works,
● The agreement that is made is a long standing one that can be difficult to get out of,
● The terms of the agreement will have a huge effect on how much money each party will make as a result of the Franchise Agreement,
● They usually involve a substantial financial commitment.

What are the benefits of Franchise Agreements?

From the franchisor’s perspective, the usual deal is – they are paid a joining fee and an agreed amount of the profits or turnover of the business for the franchisee to use the brand and business model. This helps the franchisor have a relatively risk-free expansion to their operations and further the reach of their brand image.

From the franchisee’s perspective, the usual deal is – they will get access to the franchisors tried and tested brand, business model and their current promotions. Product supply, training, marketing and merchandising may also be part of the package. This gives them an opportunity to capitalise on the success of a larger business that wants to branch out.

Can I terminate a Franchise Agreement?

Usually, there won’t be an option to terminate your Franchise Agreement before the terms around the duration of the agreement that you signed have come to an end. However, some franchisors may offer their franchisee a way to terminate their agreement and or the ability to sell the franchise on to someone else. These provisions will most likely revolve around specific conditions and financial requirements.

Franchise Agreement vs Joint Venture

The main difference between a Franchise Agreement and a Joint Venture is that as a franchisee, your business is subject to the controls of a bigger business which will make decisions on the direction and operations of their business which you will have to comply with. Whereas, if your business is a Joint Venture then you will be a partner in the business, often on equal terms, and will have a say in these decisions.

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