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Expert Solicitors in Joint Ventures and Collaboration Agreements

If you’re looking to form a Joint Venture or Collaboration with another business or individual, its important to get this agreement in writing to protect yourself should anything go wrong.

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Every business agreement you make should be in writing with a signed contract in order to protect yourself from potential problems further down the road, Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreements are no different.

With so much at stake when starting up a business or choosing to collaborate with one, you need to be sure that you are protected should the venture fail or some unforeseen circumstance arise. Our team of company commercial lawyers can help you with a tailored Joint Venture or Collaboration Agreement that will ensure that you aren’t exposed to any unnecessary risks.

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What Joint Ventures & Collaboration Agreement Services do we provide?

  • Legal due diligence on proposed Joint Venturer/Collaborator
  • Advising on initial concept and proposed structure
  • Negotiating and drafting Heads of Terms/Memorandum of Understanding
  • Preparing and negotiating detailed Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreements
  • Formation and re-structuring of holding and trading entities
  • Ancillary documentation (minutes, resolutions) and Companies House filings

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Joint Ventures & Collaboration Agreements FAQs

What are Joint Ventures and Collaboration Agreements?

Joint Ventures and Collaboration Agreements are the complex, legally binding contracts that formalise an agreement surrounding a joint venture or collaboration. They encompass all of the necessary clauses and conditions to protect both parties should the business or collaboration fail and avoid any unnecessary risks.

What should be included in a Joint Venture and Collaboration Agreement?

All agreements of this nature are complex and need to be tailor made to your specific situation and agreement, so they might look different to this example depending on your circumstances. However, a basic layout of a Joint Venture or Collaboration Agreement is:

1. Parties
2. Purpose
3. Contributions
4. Governance and Decision Making
5. Management and Operations
6. Finance and Profit Sharing
7. Intellectual Property (IP)
8. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
9. Term and Termination
10. Liability and Indemnification
11. Dispute Resolution
12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
13. Amendments and Waivers
14. Entire Agreement

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