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Expert Legal Support for Grievances and Disciplinaries

Our expert team of experienced Employment Law Solicitors will work with you to ensure your company follows the correct process and procedures needed when dealing with disciplinary hearings and grievances.

Grievances and disciplinaries often come hand in hand in the sense that it’s not uncommon for a grievance from one employee to lead to a disciplinary hearing and potential disciplinary action of another employee.

As a business, there’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with both situations and they both need to be handled with care to avoid any potential legal repercussions. Our team of expert Employment Law Solicitors can help you with that.

Disciplinary hearings are held after an investigation has taken place after an incident has occurred involving an employee of the company. If you’re dealing with a disciplinary hearing or a situation that has arisen from one, you should receive some professional advice on how to navigate the situation and plan for similar occurrences in the future. Our team can help you do exactly that.

What Disciplinaries and Grievances related services do we provide?

Our team of expert Employment Law Solicitors have experience with preparing, dealing with and settling issues within the workplace when it comes to grievances and disciplinary hearings. We work with employers to get the best result for our clients.


Our Employment Law team can create an employee handbook filled with policies outlining many different issues and processes. The employee handbook policies that our experts can create lay out processes for how to deal with grievances and disciplinary hearings while avoiding any legal repercussions for the way in which you deal with it.

Dealing With and Settling Issues:

Our team can help you prepare for any disciplinary or grievance hearings by highlighting the key points, drafting and checking correspondence, and preparing crib sheets for you to use at the hearing. 

If you’re in a situation where you’ve already held a disciplinary hearing and the situation is not resolved, our team of expert Employment Law Solicitors can advise you on the best way forward, help you achieve your desired outcome and aid you in accomplishing a resolution between you and the employee, either through a settlement agreement or further legal representation if that is necessary.

Handling Disciplinaries and Grievances FAQs

What is the difference between disciplinaries and grievances?

Grievances are complaints made by employees of a business to their employer in the hope of having the situation resolved. A grievance hearing can be held to allow the employer to better understand the complaint made, and for them to agree a way forward with the employee to resolve the issue at hand.

Disciplinary hearings are held to consider an act of misconduct by an employee, usually after an investigation has been carried out.  Following the hearing, the employer can conclude whether or not they believe the employee is ‘guilty’ of the alleged misconduct and decide on what disciplinary action, if any, is appropriate in the circumstances.

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