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Legal Assistance with Contracts of Employment

Contracts of Employment are a crucial part of running a business, so they have to be done correctly and with care.

Every employee has a contract of employment in some form, either a written contract that is signed or verbal. That’s why they need to be done correctly. Every employee needs a written statement of terms and conditions of employment which can be included in a contract of employment or a separate document. We have the expertise to guide you towards getting started with your new employees in the right way, with the right contracts.

What Contract of Employment related services do we provide?

If you’re having trouble with your contracts of employment, our team of expert Employment Law Solicitors can:

  • Advise on your contracts of employment
  • Review and amend contracts of employment
  • Prepare fresh contracts of employment

Contracts of Employment FAQs

What are Contracts of Employment?

A Contract of Employment is an agreement detailing terms of employment. In the UK, Contracts of Employment are a protected part of Employment Law and are used in every organisation to set out all the aspects of the employee’s agreement with their employer when taking on their agreed role.

Are Contracts of Employment Needed?

Contracts of Employment are always present in any paid role, whether that is only verbal or in physical document form.
Verbal Contracts of Employment are still quite common , but they are still enforceable in court.

Physical, written Contracts of Employment are the safer of the two options as it’s easier to see all the agreed terms of employment , such as:
• working hours,
• place of work,
• who the parties are,
• pay,
• scope of the job,
• holiday entitlement,
• sick pay,
• benefits,
• duties and responsibilities.

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