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Experienced in representing both Employers and Employees in Employment Tribunals, we can help you get your case across and provide you with the best chance of getting a fair result.

If you find yourself in an Employment Tribunal with an employee this usually means that you have exhausted all other options and you have to formally confront the claims of the employee. The stakes are always high when it comes to Employment Tribunal, and the help of expert Employment Solicitors might offer you the best chance of defending a claim or at least minimising the outcome of a Tribunal claim.

What Employment Tribunal Claim Related Services do we provide?

When you’ve reached the point of an Employment Tribunal hearing, you only really have one option, to contest the claims of the former employee. Our team of expert Employment Law Solicitors can represent you at an Employment Tribunal to ensure that the situation is handled correctly and your business’s best interests are protected.

Our team can guide and advise you through the entire process of an Employment Tribunal from start to finish to help you understand both points of view in the dispute, and the best way of handling the problem as a response to the employee’s claims.

Employment Tribunal Outcomes

What payments can be awarded at an Employment Tribunal?

In an unfair dismissal claim, the maximum amount that can be awarded by an Employment Tribunal is £105,707 or one year’s gross pay, whichever is the lower figure.  This can be made up of a basic award (calculated in much the same way as a statutory redundancy payment) and a compensatory award for the losses the employee incurred as a result of losing their job.

In breach of contract cases, the maximum a tribunal can award is £25,000.

Discrimination cases and some automatic unfair dismissal cases are uncapped, so there is no limit to the amount the tribunal can award to the employee.

Workplace Employment Tribunals FAQs

Employment Tribunals

If you have exhausted all of your other options and are unable to reach an agreed settlement with your employee, you may find yourself subject to a claim from your employee in the Employment Tribunal to resolve your dispute.

What is an Employment Tribunal?

An Employment Tribunal acts in much the same way as a court, but it can only deal with disputes between Employees and Employers.  In each case, an Employment Tribunal will hold at least one hearing where it will hear evidence and arguments from both the employer and the employee.  It will then make its decision based on both the facts of the case and the relevant law.

What is the purpose of an Employment Tribunal?

Employment Tribunals bring a conclusion to unresolved disputes between Employees and Employees.  They give a final judgment on the matter, which will usually either result in the case against the Employer being dismissed, or result in the Employer having to pay compensation to the Employee.

Can I go to an Employment Tribunal without a Solicitor?

Yes, you can.  You don’t use to have a solicitor to defend a claim in the Employment Tribunal. Cases in the Employment Tribunal can be complex and there’s a lot of must be done before the hearing can go ahead.  You may be able to do this yourself, or you may feel that you would be in a better position to avoid any pitfalls if you are legally represented.  Our experts can help steer you through the process and help you get your side of the story across to the Employment Tribunal in the best way. 

What claims can be brough in an Employment Tribunal?

Employment Tribunals only have the jurisdiction to hear certain claims relating to employment. So, for example, an Employment Tribunal can’t hear cases relating to personal injury at work (except as a result of discrimination) or defamation. Typical, an Employment Tribunal will hear claims relating to unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, equal pay, unlawful deduction from wages and breach of contract.

How much do Employment Tribunals cost?

An employee doesn’t need to pay a fee to make a claim at an Employment Tribunal and they may or may not be legally represented. Usually solicitors will charge an hourly rate to represent a claimant or respondent. The amount of time each Employment Tribunal takes depends on the claim’s complexity and the Solicitor you use.  We can offer different fees option, such as fixed fees and conditional fees.

Do you offer “No Win No Fee”?

In some situations we may offer “No Win No Fee” but in most we don’t. It depends on your situation.

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