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Legal Support during the Recruitment Process

If you’re unfamiliar with recruitment it can be difficult to understand all the different measures that you need to take to protect yourself in the process as a business.

Our team of expert Employment Law Solicitors can give you the guidance you need to seamlessly hire someone without the risk of legal complications further-on down the line. We can also help create an Employee Handbook for you to help guide you through the process next time.

It can be confusing to know how best to avoid any legal issues when recruiting; our team can help you to accomplish that. If you need help coming up with a recruitment strategy, our team of experts can help you make one that matches your business’s values and protects you legally at the same time.

What Recruitment related services do we provide?

Our team of experts can advise you on the best practice and legal compliance of the recruitment process, including:

  • Ensuring recruitment criteria are non-discriminatory
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Drafting of employee handbooks

Recruitment FAQs

How should I advertise a job?

It is generally considered best practice from an equal opportunities point of view to advertise all vacancies externally as well as internally. But it may be appropriate to only advertise internally in certain circumstances, for example where you have employees who are at risk of redundancy.

If you are advertising externally, consider which publications and mediums you are going to use so as to reach the widest range of applicants.

Say that you are an equal opportunities employer.

What is the best way to defend your decision on who you hired?

• Keep notes of any discussions and why you chose this candidate.
• Try to be as objective as you can and avoid making unsubstantiated assumptions based on one or more of the protected characteristics such as age, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability and/or religion and belief.

How should I make an offer of employment?

Make the written offer to your chosen candidate

• Consider whether to set a deadline for acceptance
• Say how the candidate should respond (to whom and whether it should be in writing)
• Make it clear that the offer is subject to proof of the candidate’s right to work in the UK and, if appropriate, to proof of examinations, that they haven’t got any restrictions on them working, a satisfactory medical examination, a clear DBS check, a clear alcohol and drugs testing and to satisfactory references
• You may want to send the draft contract of employment and handbook to the candidate with your offer.

What should I do with those who weren’t successful?

Once the successful candidate has accepted their offer, you should let the other candidates know that they’ve not been successful. If they ask for feedback, then give it in a reasonable and positive way, and if you can give tips for the future to help out the candidate, do so!

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