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21 October 2019 | HR & Employment

Test Insight October


H2 Title: Social Media Accounts

Paragraph: From a social media perspective, it’s fortunate that many of the ‘big hitters’ in the tech market –Google, Apple, Facebook to name a few – allow you to plan your digital post-death affairs, allowing you to control what happens to your accounts ahead of time.

Unfortunately, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly in this day and age, there are still technology platforms which draw a blank slate with regard to dealing with post-death digital assets – LinkedIn and Twitter to name but a couple. There appears to be little or no way to safeguard your digital assets by for example being allowed to designate anyone to look after them, though this of course can change, often overnight!

H3 Title: Digital Afterlife Planning

Bold: Here’s some useful steps you can take in approaching your digital plan: 

  • Lists! The simplest way to make sure your loved ones are aware that you own digital assets is to log them all safely in one place;
  • As with some of the online platforms mentioned above, you might be able to appoint a specific contact to be able to deal with your digital affairs after you’re gone (for example, Google Play have an intuitive ‘inactive account’ procedure or the next of kin can simply write to them);

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