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Expert Residential Conveyancing Solicitors in First Registrations

First Registration of unregistered property requires care and attention to detail. Our expert property lawyers can deal with the process efficiently as they have countless times before.

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If your property is unregistered it is highly advisable to register your title with the Land Registry to protect your interests.

Unregistered property is vulnerable to claims of adverse possession and to fraudulent dealings by people misrepresenting themselves as the owner. Our team of experienced Residential Conveyancing Solicitors can handle the process for you.

What First Registration Services do we provide?

We provide a range of services surrounding first registrations. These services include advising clients on the benefits of registering their land with the Land Registry, assisting with the transition of unregistered land to registered land, and guiding clients through the registration process. We can also help with technical or procedural queries related to first registrations, provide support with complex enquiries, and offer guidance on both small and large-scale voluntary first registrations.

First Registration FAQs

What is first registration?

First registration is the process of registering a property for the first time with the Land Registry in England and Wales.

When is first registration necessary?

First registration is necessary when a property has never been registered before, this can be voluntary or become compulsory on a change in ownership.

Why is first registration important?

First registration provides legal proof of ownership and establishes the boundaries of the property. It also helps prevent disputes and simplifies the process of buying and selling the property in the future.

What details should be included in the application for first registration?

The application should include details about the property, such as its address, boundaries, any rights or restrictions, and information about the current owner.

Can changes be made after first registration?

Yes, changes can be made after the first registration, such as updating the owner’s details, adding or removing restrictions, or altering the boundaries. These changes can only be made through a subsequent application to the Land Registry.

What are the consequences of not registering an unregistered title?

Unregistered titles can lead to uncertainty about ownership, difficulties in proving ownership, and potential disputes with other claimants. It can also complicate and slow the process of selling or mortgaging the property.

Is it important to make a Will in addition to first registration?

Yes, it is important to make a Will in addition to first registration. While first registration establishes legal ownership, a Will ensures that your property is distributed according to your wishes after your death.

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