Solicitors in Newmarket

Solicitors in Newmarket

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As a reputable law firm, Atkins Dellow Solicitors offers a diverse range of legal services catering to both personal and business clients. With a dedicated team of solicitors spread across Suffolk, we provide expert advice and representation in various areas of law.

For personal legal matters, we assist clients in areas such as family law, wills and probate, conveyancing and more. We understand the unique intricacies involved in these matters and offer tailored solutions to meet individual needs.

With a strong focus on client satisfaction, our team strives to deliver excellent service, combining our expertise and experience to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients based in and near Newmarket and throughout Suffolk.

Clients based in Newmarket are supported by our team of Solicitors in either one of our Bury St Edmunds offices

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Newmarket in Suffolk – the birthplace of thoroughbread horse racing

Newmarket, located in Suffolk, England, is a bustling market town known as the birthplace and global centre of thoroughbred horse racing. It is the largest racehorse training and breeding centre in Britain and is home to over 3,500 racehorses. The town has a rich history, with notable landmarks including the National Heritage Centre for Horse Racing and Sporting Art and the National Horse Racing Museum. Newmarket is also a major business cluster and export centre in the horse racing and breeding industry. The town’s history dates back to the construction of the Newmarket Palace by King James I in the early 17th century, which played a significant role during the English Civil War. Today, Newmarket is governed by the Newmarket Town Council.

Tattersalls in Newmarket is a renowned auctioneer and bloodstock company that operates in the horse racing industry. It is located in the town of Newmarket, Suffolk, England. Tattersalls conducts various sales throughout the year, including the Somerville Yearling Sale, August Sale, December Foal Sale, and December Mares Sale. It is a prominent venue for buying and selling thoroughbred horses, attracting buyers and sellers from around the world. Tattersalls Newmarket plays a significant role in the horse racing and breeding industry and is well-known for its prestigious sales and auctions

Newmarket Racecourse is a renowned horse racing venue in Suffolk, England. It is considered the headquarters of British horse racing and is known for its rich history dating back to the 17th century. The racecourse consists of two separate tracks: the Rowley Mile and the July Course. The Rowley Mile hosts prestigious races like the 1,000 Guineas and 2,000 Guineas, as well as several Group 1 races. The July Course is also used for racing and has a 1-mile straight track. Newmarket Racecourse is home to important horse racing organisations and facilities and is often referred to as the “headquarters” of British horse racing.

Newmarket Racecourse is also well known for the fantastic July Course events, usually involving an afternoon or evening of horse racing followed by a concert from a well-known band or musician.


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